Who We Are

NUTEK is established in 1992. We Design, Develop and Manufacture custom built electronic embedded systems to customer specification.

We have more than 20 years of expertise in Design, Development Manufacturing and Testing of customized electronic control equipment.

With the dream of being a part of the teams that push the nation forward, Nutek shall endeavor to leave no stones unturned to work hand in glove with our esteemed clients, understanding their technical demands, studying and brain storming it in detail, developing systems that supersede demands, manufacturing prototypes, and testing them to required design standards, and integrating with the mating machines.

What we do

  • Design, Develop and Manufacture custom built electronic embedded systems
  • We mainly deal in Test, Measurement, SPM's & Control systems.
  • We design & develop systems in latest embedded controllers & PLC’s as per applications requirement
  • We design embedded systems with ARM core microcontroller’s & 51 Series controllers
  • We use VB.NET & WPF language for Windows based touch screen applications
  • We interface various type of sensors like loadcell, Torque sensors, Accelarometers, LVDT, Glass scales, Temperature, Pressure & Flow sensors etc.
  • We interface various type of actuators like Mechnical/pneumatic/Hydraulic solenoid, Various types of AC/DC/Servo drives & motors

PC Software

Key Area of Expertise


  • Custom built Electronic Embedded Systems
  • Electronic and Electric Control System for mechanical machines
  • Test, Measurement, SPM's & Control Systems

Core Business

Our core business includes the following -

  • Contract design & manufacturing support of micro controller based systems or interfaces
  • Contract design & manufacturing of PLC control panels
  • Electronic support for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)


Capabilities Overview

  • Hardware: ATMEL, INTEL, MICROCHIP, PHILLIPS Microcontrollers
  • Software: PLC Ladder,C, Assembly for Microcontrollers, VHDL for VLSI
  • Inputs: Transducers, Transmitters as input in analog and digital form
  • Outputs: Digital Analog, various displays, audio visual aids
  • Data storage and transfer: Battery backup memory, PC software and data transfer units.

Through Our OE's

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